Balance Boxing Club

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Nestled in an industrial enclave of the city of Santiago de Compostela, Balance Boxing Club emerges as a beacon of simplicity and utility. Serving dual roles as a boxing school and a personal training centre, the club’s ingenious layout revolves around a central black box, efficiently housing crucial services without conventional walls.

Upon entry, visitors are greeted by a reception area radiating charm with neon letters, establishing a robust brand identity. Navigating around the central black box, clients seamlessly traverse through changing rooms to a strategically positioned waiting area. The training zone features a grid of punching bags suspended from a steel structure, optimising floor space. Constrained by a modest budget, the design utilises black and grey paint to craft an atmosphere, proving that creativity triumphs over financial constraints. In essence, Balance Boxing Club embodies innovative design within budget constraints, providing a distinctive and engaging gym environment.


Santiago de Compostela, Spain