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Guild’s Net is a proposal for an international competition of a market place in a refugee settlement.

Zaatari is a temporary refugee settlement that has the structure of a city. Tents and caravans have evolved from a regular arrangement to organic clusters adapted to refugees necessities. Market units are set along main streets creating very strong axes and long distances within the camp.

We understand the marketplace as a net which connects people and their activities. Instead of proposing a single location, we place a system of nodes strategically located to address the issue of long distances. These nodes are linked to the market streets breaking its linearity through a setback position.

Our idea is to create a craftsman community. Facing one of the main problems at Zaatari, the inactivity, and given the expertise of Syrian handicraft, we are planning to build small workshops of different disciplines around the camp (pottery and ceramics, leather works, etc.) This process will provide skills and knowledge that would help refugees in the future.

Competition, Urban Design